Ideal for use across a wide range of applications and completely adhesive free, new Allura Ease is easy to install. It’s also simple to remove, re-use and recycle. Allura Ease supports adhesive free installation in any area without transition up to 250m2. And, as part of Forbo’s Fast Fit collection, it can reduce installation time by more than 50%.

Allura Ease Wood

The tiles and planks of Allura Ease are easy to install without the need for adhesives, and thus also easy to remove, re-use and recycle.

The superb dimensional stability and special build up makes this floor covering perfectly suitable for adhesive free installation. The 18 designs form a well balanced palette that suit a wide range of applications.

Thickness5 mm
Wearlayer thickness0.7 mm
Length x width150 cm x 24 cm
NCSS 5502-Y