As unique as your ideas

Don’t let your life be guided by where you live – but how you would like to live. Nolte kitchens in modern country style create a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere that simply makes your kitchen the natural centre of your life.

neo Loft

In London and New York City, vacant warehouses and industrial buildings were converted into apartments after the 1940s.
The loft was born.
nolte neo Loft makes direct reference to the urbanity, free spur-of-the-moment design and open nature of this form of living.

neo Chalet

“Chalet” is derived from the Latin word “cala” meaning “a safe (protected) place”. The original meaning: “Alpine hut”. nolte neo Chalet re-interprets the style and original materials of this form of living – and translates both into the kitchen.

neo Salon

Salon is not a purely spatial term. It is
both a place – a large room or meeting
place – and a cultural event. nolte neo
Salon reflects both aspects and reproduces them in great detail. The kitchen as the centre of opportunity.