My home exactly.

Even if the world is turning ever faster, your Nolte kitchen invites you to pause for a moment every day. Because timeless, sleek design makes it a place that exudes composure and serenity. Comfortable and classic – and precisely your attitude to life.


The kitchen as a space for individuals.

Are you looking for an distinctive timber that leaves behind the monotony of today’s prevailing decors?
Then look no further than TIMBER Holm oak. It not only provides today’s most up-to-date and most expressive interpretation of an oak finish but is also available in two grain directions. Horizontal, vertical or even both in one kitchen?
In any way you choose.
Create your very own personal kitchen world with TIMBER!

For lateral thinkers: TIMBER in Holm oak is available with vertical or horizontal graining.
An unconventional mix of both is a real eye-catcher and makes vibrant statements.


Cool look with exciting details.

METAL in Steel grey combined with LUX High-gloss white demonstrates that you don’t need a large budget and a huge space for a kitchen that feels good all round. This kitchen stands out above all by its astonishingly real metal look which continues through into the worktop, giving it an extremely homogeneous appearance.

Good lighting, perfectly planned.

A clever way of perfectly illuminating the cabinet interior as
well as the work surface!


Not only optically, but also functionally a real treat.

There are so many highlights in this kitchen, that it is worth it to take a closer look: Starting with the high quality real-glass fronts of GLAS TEC PLUS to the black MatrixART handles and design-glass doors with aluminum frames in mat black to the corner solutions with electric lifting columns. Additionally lots of working space on the 25 mm thick worktop and as a visual highlight the splashback in the finish “Rusty-Steel”.

Let there be light.

Lighting in the kitchen not only creates a homely atmosphere or adds statements, it also – more importantly – makes us feel good. Modern LED technology produces a gentle light that can also be matched to the particular mood or time of day. The illuminated MatrixART finger pull, for example, creates a special ambience and underscores the kitchen’s lines with tasteful and stunning effect. And integrated wall-unit lighting conjures a warm and inviting ambience too!


Modern, sleek and harmonious.

A long, narrow room with a patio door on one side and the area that opens up to the living/dining room on the other. Not going to be easy. But a modular plan with cooking and washing-up zone opposite each other is the perfect solution! Just as the combination of SIGMA LACK in quartz grey with Oldstone: understated grey meets an extremely authentic stone decor – a well-balanced

Artwood Natural bough oak/ Stone Basalt

Naturally well combined: the new stone
surfaces create a harmonious appearance
together with the ArtWood program.

MatrixArt stands for aesthetics with streamlined
elegance. This is a kitchen for fans of design and graphic
design language. Functionality and timeless living
culture come together here in the perfect symbiosis. The
tried-and-tested is combined with innovative ideas,
consequently implemented down to the last detail. Such
as the optional LED lighting on the upper handle track,
which puts an emotional focus on the lines.

Artwood rustic wild oak/ Lux white

With the panel wall you can create the kitchen you need
– with new designs every day.

Open shelves
The open shelving units matching with the colour of the
concealment doors fit harmoniously into the overall
appearance of the kitchen and offer more extra storage

Alpha Lack Arctic white

Life in the kitchen knows no limits – and certainly
not when defined by a basic layout. Walls need not
be torn down in order to call them your own. A few
clever ideas are sometimes all you need to use the
available space intelligently. And maximize the
feeling of being at home.

These continental sockets are easily hidden away in
pull-outs – a smart way of ensuring that electric power is
available wherever it is needed.

Stone copper oxid/ Manhattan Kiruna birch

The new wood decor kiruna birch is the
perfect choice for lovers of Scandinavian
design. Light and fresh due to its bright
tone and subtle grain, it underlines the
simple formality and minimalism of this
Together with the separate cooking
island and the sink area in copper oxide,
the combination achieves a wholly unique
impact which is simply impressive.

Carisma Lack Papyrus grey

The new MATRIX 900 carcase height is the optimum
combination of design and ergonomics: the higher
carcase provides a new, homely look and inceases the
storage space. The perfect ergonomic working height
is created together with an optional height of
12 or 25 mm.

The slim line 12 mm solid core worktop in combination
with Matrix 900 fulfils the highest demands on design.

Soft Lack Lava/ Magma

Pure life reigns supreme in this kitchen. Not only is it
for cooking and dining together, but it’s also a place
for discussions, drawing, playing, doing homework
and making plans. This kitchen is the heart of the
home – and that’s how it has been designed.
Functionality and modern flair combine in an inviting
ambience: robust materials go along with whatever
you ask of them; clever storage solutions keep the
chaos under control, and a generous chalk element
has space for notes, recipes and spur-of-the-moment
ideas – in short, this kitchen is a brightly-coloured
room for a life lived in colour.

Legno oak champagne/ Soft Lack white

A modern white coated front perfectly combined
with the natural charm of real wood.

A raised bullt-in oven assuaged cooking and baking
also he is integrated without an interfering panel.

Carisma Lack Deep blue/ Legno oak truffle

Nothing influences the optical impact
and a room’s atmosphere more than
colour. It expresses individuality and
makes a kitchen unique. Nolte Küchen’s
matt lacquer concept forms the most
diverse worlds of colour from bright to
dark, and from warm to cold, so that
there will be something to suit every
taste. New trendy colours were added
once again this year, which reflect the
contemporary Zeitgeist.
Conceales table extraction hood:
only visible when you need it.