Natural stone is a great choice for both exterior and interior tiling projects with their unique appearance and durability. There are a wide range of natural stone models and types that you can decide between them and personalise your place as you wish. Tramar Group supplies best of Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx and Granite stone selections only from best natural stone producers.

Stone tiling is an important process that needs to be organised by experts and supported by expert paving suppliers for the best quality natural stone slabs. Regardless of where it is applied, just choosing the right paving stone and working with the best designer is not enough for a stone flooring or stone fitting project to be successful. At the same time, it is necessary to choose the best quality natural stones in order for the project to work properly and to have a long life. This is only possible by choosing the best natural stone supplier. In this way, besides the product quality, you can ensure that your natural stone tiling project ends within the specified time interval.

Type and size of natural stone should be selected carefully for the area and conditions in which it will be used. Using wrong paving materials in the wrong place can cause great value loss and short lifetime due to easy corrosion. Projects like garden paving and kitchen worktop or bathroom tiling require different types of natural stone products. While durable natural stone tile products like granite stone are great for kitchen worktops and exterior paving slab, marble tiles can be a better option for interior use. Sandstone tiles and limestone tiles are also the other two that are mostly decided for garden paving as rustic floor tile. Onyx tile is another type of natural stone that can be used for stone flooring and stone fitting projects with its unique look and elegance appearance. With reliable natural stone products, you can create elegant stone walkways or you can use for outdoor stone patio paving. Travertine paving stones, another type of natural stone, are perfect for stylish stone flooring projects with their different and unique looks. 

Tramar Group sources any natural stone type and model from 16 different countries, including our own quarries for your paving and tiling projects. Our services start from design to completion and only provide high quality bespoke natural stone products that you would not expect less than this from the proven natural stone supplier in the UK. Most of our stone tile models are held in the stock and with our machinery, we can cut stone tiles to a size that you require. Three decades of experience on natural stone products allows us to do cut to size slab fitting to facade fitting to multi-storey buildings. Our stone paving and design experts are always ready to guide you to choose your ideal natural stone.